Medications like the Tadalafil-based Cialis are very effective for treating medical conditions like erectile dysfunction. And just like many other prescription medicines, if Cialis is not used the correct way, you will not get the best results. A lot of people have asked for how to take Cialis for best result so that they can reap all the benefits that Cialis has to offer. This is important because different factors affect how Cialis works, and it is vital to know some Cialis tips to ensure that you go about the treatment of your erectile dysfunction the right way. Your diet and mental state are only two of the various factors that affect how to take Cialis and to understand all the essential Cialis tips will also help reduce the risks of getting side effects.

How to take CIALIS – 4 tips to get best result
How to take CIALIS – 4 tips to get best result

We have put together these four Cialis tips to help you get the best Cialis results.

  1. Use Cialis between 30 to 60 minutes before having sex,

    Cialis takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes for its effects to kick in and yield the expected results. Tadalafil takes about an hour for you to fully notice its effects although some people have claimed to notice changes within 30 minutes of using it. You do not want a situation where you would take Cialis a few minutes before sex, and you end up having an awkward situation in which you cannot maintain an erection. The best way to go about it is to be prepared to have sex, take your Cialis ahead of time and wait it out.

  2. Do not eat Fatty or Heavy Meals before Taking Cialis

    Your diet plays an important role in the kind of Cialis results that you will get. Heavy means, especially fatty meals, reduce the absorption rate of erectile dysfunction medications, thereby inhibiting the best Cialis results. Manufacturers of Cialis recommend that you wait for at least two hours before using Cialis because fat slows down the digestive system of the body and will get in the way of the absorption of the drug.

    To be on a safer side, it is best to not eat any fatty meals on days that you intend to take Cialis. This does not mean you should not eat fatty foods, but it would help if you eat slightly-fatty meals or eat your meals several hours before using Cialis. By doing this, your body’s digestive system would have broken down the content of the meal before using Cialis.

  3. Check for Drug Interaction

    You should never take Cialis if you are currently on medication for high blood pressure. Work with your doctor and declare any medications that you may be taking so that they do not interact with Cialis. Erectile Dysfunction medications usually interact with medications for conditions like hypertension, HIV, as well as antiretroviral medications. These medications prevent Cialis from working as it should. What you should do is inform your doctor about all the prescription and non-prescription drugs that you are using at the moment so that you can be apprised of how to take Cialis for best results and get expert medical advice.

  4. Improve your Lifestyle

    While Cialis and other erectile dysfunction medications are safe when you use them responsibly, you should also make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle. You should not base your erectile dysfunction treatment solely on medications. Your lifestyle sometimes determines your Cialis results. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by health issues like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol which are all related to living unhealthily. So, if you improve your lifestyle, you will be making it easier for Cialis to work effectively. In the absence of all these health conditions, you may have no need to take Cialis or any other erectile dysfunction medication.

    Consult your doctor on the best ways to live healthily and stay fit through better diet and lifestyle choices. You may have to adjust your weight, blood pressure or stay fit to make things happen and have a profound and all-round positive effect on your sexual performance.

    Cialis can help with a lot of things; all you need to do is know how to take Cialis for best results, and with these Cialis tips, we do not expect any less from you.