Effects of Using Cialis Oral For Women

An Overview of Cialis

There have been numerous attempts to develop Cialis for women, which has not been very successful, and there isn’t enough proof to ascertain how Cialis affects women. Thus, on the topic of women taking Cialis, most manufacturers make sure they mention in the medication instructions that drugs that contain Taladafil are contraindicated for women. However, women should not be upset about this as the pharmaceutical industry is working assiduously to make other types of drugs available for them to help them achieve better sexual satisfaction.

Cialis for women
Cialis for women

Still, on Female Cialis, there is a myth that says there is a separate drug from the regular Cialis for men, which is made from Tadalafil. This is not true because a specially made Female Cialis does not exist. Most doctors also agree that women taking Cialis is not such a great idea for now because of the lack of sufficient data to ascertain that Cialis helps increase sex drive in women. Of course, there are ongoing clinical studies, but nothing is concrete enough to draw any conclusions.

According to some studies carried out involving focus groups of between 50 and 100 women aged between 22 and 38, most of them reported that Cialis did not make them feel any more excited than they would usually feel. It only helped them enjoy sex better and reach orgasm more quickly, which is expected since Cialis pumps more blood towards the pelvic area, which will, in turn, make the clitoris and labia more engorged, thereby more sensitive. This means there is a possibility that Female Cialis vs Male Cialis may have some similarities, but nothing is established just yet. Everyone should also be aware that Cialis is not an aphrodisiac; it cannot make a person more willing to have sex if they are not naturally interested in sex.

Effects of Using Cialis in Women

Generally, what Tadalafil does in men is that it blocks the effects of PDE5, an enzyme that inhibits the circulation of blood in the pelvic area. Women do not have PDE5 in their bodies, which means Cialis is not expected to work in the female body, but some doctors include it as a prescription for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension in both men and women. Quite contradicting, right? Yes, we feel that way too. But one thing is sure; Cialis improves the circulation of blood by keeping the smooth muscles lining the blood vessels relaxed so that more blood can go through them.

According to the reports of Cialis female experience from the focus groups, they claimed that Cialis made them enjoy sex more as they had effects such as feeling warm in their vaginal area and mild swelling of the clitoris and labia as a result of the rush of blood towards those areas.

Side Effects of Women Taking Cialis

side effects of cialis in women
side effects of cialis in women

Cialis and Tadalafil as a whole are not exactly the safest medication as this drug has shown a few side effects and interactions with other medicines that people must be aware of. However, there are many other medications that we take, which are even more dangerous than this drug. Women who take Cialis are likely to experience pains in the muscle, headaches, nose congestion and dyspepsia. These side effects are dependent on how many doses of Tadalafil the individual consumed. Whether it is a man or woman, 20 mg Cialis taken on an as-needed basis has a 10 to 12 percent probability of causing side effects. If it is the low-strength pill, the probability of side effects reduces to about 6 percent or less.


The most of the side effects of Cialis do not occur naturally except the person using Cialis uses an overdose or takes it with any of the drugs that it interacts with. If you use Cialis and you notice any of those side effects, make sure you seek medical emergency right away. You should also remember that Cialis should not be taken with nitrates, alpha-blockers or anti-hypertensive drugs to avoid cardiac issues or severe hypotension. Grapefruit juice or too much alcohol also changes the effect of Cialis so, if you are taking Cialis whether as a man or woman, you should consume alcohol in a moderate amount.